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The Use of Magnets in the Food Industry

Magnets – Food Metal Detectors

Magnets are used throughout the food production and processing industry; this is because one of the most important aspects during the processing procedure is safety and the removal of contaminant metals in food using magnets. Working in the food processing industry makes it obvious that the main concern regarding safety is the ever-existing presence of metal shards and chipped metal contaminants compromising the quality of the product.

As the product being produced is consumed, not detecting and removing contaminants can have detrimental effects on a person’s business or a person’s health. For example, if a customer consumes a contaminant product this could result in illness and therefore have a domino effect on the company. This could result in loss of confidence in their food supply and product and gaining a bad reputation for your brand; in worst-case scenarios, it could even result in compensation claims and expensive product recalls.

However, there is an easy solution and essential piece of equipment that every food processing plant should have to prevent the contamination of your products. Magnets catering specifically to the food industry such as industrial metal detectors should be a compulsory piece of equipment for any area of food production to ensure the safety and quality of the product before being sold to customers.

Metal Detection - Food Metal Detector

What Contaminants Do Magnets Detect in The Food Industry?

Throughout many industries especially where products go through industrial processing the most common contaminant present is metal. This is because metal contaminants in food can originate from a variety of different sources at different times during the production process. Metal fragments can enter the product from tools breaking or chipping while harvesting or even parts of robotic systems that break during processing. But luckily for us and many companies, these metal contaminants can be easily detected using strong magnets easily extracting the metal shards.

Through the installation of food metal detector using industrial magnets, you can identify and flag when a contaminant is present. This is done by the food metal detector detecting metallic contaminants depending upon their conductivity and magnetic permeability. Also, the specialised magnets remove these contaminants before the product is rolled out to retailers and consumed by customers.

3 Main Metal Contaminants Detected by Magnets:

  • Ferrous metal – Both magnetic and conductive and are easily detected by food metal detector
  • Non-ferrous metal – Not magnetic, but are good conductors and can be detected relatively easily by food metal detector
  • Stainless steel – Usually non-magnetic and a poor electrical conductor


How To Find The Perfect Furniture Stores

Find Local Furniture Stores Birmingham

When you are searching for new, modern home furniture there are certain features and specifications that some people prefer over others. Some people may like the more classical and traditional looking sofa, whereas others may prefer something more modern with technological features, each person has their preference and getting the balance between style and functionality can be difficult. But do not compromise on your dream home furniture and find a furniture stores Birmingham that and well established and have a vast collection of home and bedroom furniture available to you. An elegant piece of furniture such as a fitter wardrobe or sofa can breathe life into a previously dull room and become the focal point of the room grabbing your visitor attention with its contemporary style.

Furniture Stores

What Makes a Good Furniture Store in Birmingham?

With many options claiming to be the best furniture store Birmingham you have to keep your wits about you and do your research into what said furniture stores offer and what to look out for when considering what furniture stores across Birmingham to trust with your home renovation. A well-established company with many years of experience within the industry is always a good aspect of a furniture store to look out for. This goes to show that they have a proven track record of providing high-quality furniture and should through experience in the industry have a wealth of knowledge to help advise you with the best furniture solution available for your home.


Try Before you Buy!

One quick and easy piece of advice to give you while searching through all the viable furniture stores Birmingham deciding which is the best option for you is to try before you buy. Many experienced and reputable home furniture retailers will have their showroom. Here you can go see the quality, luxury and comfort for your own eyes as sometimes online descriptions and images can be deceiving. So, visit the local showroom, jump on that sofa and lie on that mattress to first-hand see and feel if this is the right furniture for you and your home.


Bespoke Furniture Design

Many furniture stores Birmingham provide specialist bespoke fitted bedroom services which can be a very effective option for renovating a room in your home. This bespoke furniture such as a fitted wardrobe or home office is created, customised and tailored to your requirements; providing and apply their expert services to any room no matter how big or small. Bespoke furniture stores across Birmingham work with your imagination to design that ideal home with you, fully encompasses all the equipment, workspace and storage space that you require to be tailored for your specific needs. Many furniture stores will provide a variety of colour variations and finishes giving you the freedom to choose every aspect of your room exactly as you envisaged.


5 Steps of Plastic Extrusion

Plastic Extrusion

The plastic extrusion process is one of the most popular machines today throughout the manufacturing and plastic industry. This is because of the many beneficial factors that come with using the plastic extrusion machinery. The main benefit that comes with plastic extrusion is the low cost and high production rate from the machinery, the ability to manufacture high product volumes quickly and inexpensively makes the plastic extrusion machine an essential piece of equipment in the plastic industry.

Finally, another benefit of plastic extrusion is that the extrusion process is very flexible and versatile. This gives the manufacturer the capability to create products of all sizes, shapes, texture and thickness allowing a bespoke plastic extrusion manufacturing process, tailoring products to customers specific needs and requirement if needed.


Plastic Extrusion Straws


The 5 Steps of Plastic Extrusion:

1) To begin the process, you’ll need the right materials. Raw plastic resin is placed and fed down into the extruder hopper along with any colourants and additives necessary for the specific plastic extrusion product you are looking to create.

2) Once the raw resin is in place in the extruder hopper, the resin and beads are gravity-fed through the feed throat of the hopper down into the extruder’s barrel. Within the barrel is a long, spinning screw that feeds the resin forward.

3) The resin travels through the barrel on the screw while being heated to extremely high temperatures. These temperatures can range between 400 to 530 degrees Fahrenheit setting the correct melting temperature specific to that type of plastic. By the time it reaches the end of the screw, the plastic is thoroughly mixed as the barrel gradually increases in heat from the loading end to the feed pipe. This gradual increase enables gradual melting therefore to minimize the possibility of plastic degradation.

4) Next, the molten plastic is forced through a screen pack and then fed into a feed pipe that leads to the die. The function of the screen pack is to remove any contaminants or inconsistencies that may have appeared in the plastic

5) Finally, once the molten plastic has entered the feed pipe it is fed into the die cavity, where it cools and hardens.  The die for an individual plastic profile is designed so that the plastic flows smoothly and evenly from the cylindrical profile of the extruder into the final profile shape.


Plastic extrusion


Plastic Extrusion Products

The Plastic extrusion process is one of the most used processes for manufacturing & producing a wide range of plastic products on the market today. The plastic extrusion process has therefore been adapted and applied throughout many business sectors & industries from building materials, consumer products to industrial parts. Many common items you wouldn’t even realise are made through the plastic extrusion process these include examples such as Pipes, tubing, window frames, electrical covers, fence, edging, and weather stripping along with thousands of custom & bespoke extrusions build for a specific industrial application.

Floor Screeding Contractors

Find Specialist Floor Screeding Contractors

You’ll be looking for professional and competent Floor screeding experts then, a team of floor screeding contractors that have many years of experience in the industry, who offer a complete range of screeding services to their clients. Contact Precision; they offer quality Floor Screeding solutions for a diverse client base, undertaking projects the length and breadth of the country. When only the best Floor Screeding services suffice, this tried and tested team offer a standout service for all types of screeding applications. Floor Screeding doesn’t have to be complicated, not with an experienced team at the helm. Take the sensible approach to Floor Screeding and contact a company who excels with all of their expert floor screeding contractors and services, whatever they might entail.

Floor Screeding Contractors

Highly trained, totally committed

What do you want from floor screeding contractors? For starters, you’ll require a committed team of Floor screeding experts, a company who can undertake a variety of quality installations. They’ll use the latest Floor Screeding methods including fast drying, low coverage, or standard types of applications. Turn to the highly trained team of Floor Screeding professionals, and they’ll ensure your screeding requirements are fully met. Capable of working on Floor Screeding projects of all sizes this CSCS registered group of floor screeders offer an effective and accurate service. When you want level floors, in all types of buildings, call for a better standard of service from the leading Floor Screeding contractors.

Beat British Standards

Expect a class-leading solution from professional floor screeding contractors. They’ll undertake Floor screeding projects on a diverse range of sites and complete a technically proficient installation whatever service is required. Accurate quotations are supplied for a fabulous range of Floor Screeding applications. From Light to Heavy Duty Floor Screeding, pumped or traditional sand and cement mixes, all installations meet and beat the best of British Standards.

Want reliable Floor Screeding contractors and services? Need the best team in the industry? Call the number one team in the UK who offer a fabulous service for all Floor Screeding requirements and the job is as good as done.

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